Membership Ranks

On Digital Earn, your activity is always rewarded. Once you sign up, you are ready to enjoy the perks of Digital Earn membership.

Every point you earn gets you closer to the next milestone (rank level) that guarantees you a specific prize. Prizes could vary from extra points, point boosters, gift cards and many more.


How it works

Joining Digital Earn guarantees you Rank 1 and from here your leveling journey begins. Each level reached has its own default prize and many other perks. For example, a higher level comes with the perk of instant redeem of certain products, so you don't have to wait for system or manual verification.

Rank 1
0 points earned
Starting level (no reward).
Rank 2
1000 points earned
Random Steam key
Rank 3
3000 points earned
Points Booster 1 (5%)
Rank 4
6000 points earned
200 Points
Rank 5
10000 points earned
$5 Amazon Gift Card
Rank 6
15000 points earned
750 Points
Rank 7
20000 points earned
$10 Amazon Gift Card
Rank 8
30000 points earned
1500 Points
Rank 9
40000 points earned
2000 Points
Rank 10
50000 points earned
$25 Amazon Gift Card
More to come
To be added as soon as a member reaches level 10.