We are live!

Hello world of beautiful WWW! This is our first blog post but that's just the second thing that we are thrilled about. The first and most important one is that Digital Earn is officially LIVE!

August 18th at 2:26pm | 6 minutes read

Happy yo meet you, dear reader,

Digital Earn is now officially launched and this first blog post is about introducing you to what is all about with this platform and why we are so happy about it. TLDR: It's about how you are going to make money online.

Registration and your dashboard

If you haven't done it yet, go ahead and register to become one of our first members of community. Take a look at our terms of service so you can fully understand what is allowed and what is not allowed around here. After becoming one of our members, you'll gain access to the dashboard where you can see useful stats about your earnings, bonuses, referrals, rank and more.

Earning points

In your dashboard, the core section is Earn Points . Here you will find all that tasks that earns you points on completion. Points are the currency of the platform and earning them is simple because involves doing simple tasks such as completing a survey about a product that's in your area of interest, playing a game, watching a video or other task that you already do online on a daily basis.

Getting paid

The obvious two next important section are Redeem Prizes and Cashout where you can exchange your earned points. In Redeem Prizes section you turn you points into digital goods such as Gift Cards, Steam Games, points boosters, vouchers and many more. The Cashout section is the place where points can be exchanged to cash and withdrawn as PayPal payment or Bitcoin transfer.

What's next?

We have a lot of future plans on Digital Earn. These plans include and not limited to:

  • Points faucet so you can claim points hourly.
  • Multiply points by playing platform games.
  • Interest on holding points.
  • Many more features that there is not yet safe to disclose.

Thank you for your interest! In the next post, we will talk about the Membership Ranks. See you soon!

- The Digital Earn team -